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Since 1990, the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 has been working with competition authorities in every region of the world. Using its vast storehouse of expertise, the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 has created a range of mechanisms to engage with authorities around the world to help reinforce their competition framework. Capacity building activities include: case studies, seminars, cartel prosecution, bid rigging & public procurement, merger analysis, abuse of dominance, legislative drafting, studies in sector specific regulation, judicial training, and high-level policy briefings on topics such as reducing unnecessary restraints on competition in laws and regulations.

Two annual fora and three regional centres for competition disseminate the work of the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 Competition Committee and bring over 100 jurisdictions into the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 family.

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Competition Regional Centres

Three regional centres for competition have been set up to manage capacity building activities in the Asian region; in the Central, East and South-East European region; and in the Latin American region.

The Seoul centre, in partnership with the Korean government, opened in spring 2004. The second regional centre, in partnership with the Hungarian competition authority, opened in Budapest in February 2005. The third regional centre, in parthnership with the Peruvian competition authority, opened in Lima in November 2019.

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Competition Forums

蜂鸟电竞在线入口 work on Competition is also disseminated worldwide through annual Forums.

The   蜂鸟电竞在线入口 Global Forum on Competition , launched in 2001, brings together high-level competition officials from around the world for substantive roundtable discussions and peer reviews.  It is is intended to strengthen the international policy dialogue by debating issues which are truly global. For more information, visit the Global Forum on Competition website

The 蜂鸟电竞在线入口-IDB   Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum promotes dialogue, consensus building and networking amongst senior officials of Latin American competition institutions. It was launched in 2003 as the result of a partnership between the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 and the Inter-american Development bank to foster effective competition law and policy in Latin America. Experts from some 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 countries and international organisations also attend to provide additional perspectives and experience. For more information, visit the  Latin American and Caribbean  Competition Forum  website.

The  ESCWA-UNCTAD-蜂鸟电竞在线入口 Middle East North Africa Competition Forum   aims to become an annual knowledge-sharing platform on competition policy and enforcement for the MENA region bringing together high-level competition officials, policymakers, regulators, and the broader competition community. Stakeholders can use the Forum to promote peer learning and dialogue, consensus building and networking.  



Other capacity building activities

Competition judges also benefit from capacity building work with the competition division. Since 1996, seminars for national judges have been held in Russia, Southern Africa and Brazil.  Since 2005, in co-operation with the European Commission and the Hungarian competition authority, the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 supports meetings of European Competition Law judges.

Partnerships with regional development banks provide key support to the capacity building programme.  A partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank dating back to 2003 supports the Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum .  A more recent partnership with the Asian Development Bank supports an expanded programme of support for the People's Republic of China.  Vital financial support to the capacity building programme is supplied by the European Commission, Hungary, Korea and Chinese Taipei.


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