Education at a Glance 2021

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Education at a Glance is your go-to source on the state of education around the world. It gives access to the most recent data through interactive graphics and provides key messages on major issues effecting students, teachers, parents and policy makers. The indicators provide data on the structure, finances and performance of education systems across 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 countries and a number of partner economies.

Available from September 16, 2021 Also available in: German , French

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Introduction: The indicators and their framework
Reader’s guide
Executive summary
Youth in the Education Sustainable Development Goal
The output of educational institutions and the impact of learning 7 chapters available
To what level have adults studied?
Transition from education to work: Where are today’s youth?
How does educational attainment affect participation in the labour market?
What are the earnings advantages from education?
What are the financial incentives to invest in education?
How are social outcomes related to education?
To what extent do adults participate equally in education and learning?
Access to education, participation and progress 6 chapters available
Who participates in education?
How do early childhood education systems differ around the world?
Who is expected to graduate from upper secondary education?
Who is expected to enter tertiary education?
Who is expected to graduate from tertiary education?
What is the profile of internationally mobile students?
Financial resources invested in education 8 chapters available
How much is spent per student on educational institutions?
What proportion of national wealth is spent on educational institutions?
How much public and private investment in educational institutions is there?
What is the total public spending on education?
How much do tertiary students pay and what public support do they receive?
On what resources and services is education funding spent?
Which factors influence teachers’ salary cost?
Teachers, the learning environment and the organisation of schools 7 chapters available
How much time do students spend in the classroom?
What is the student-teacher ratio and how big are classes?
How much are teachers and school heads paid?
How much time do teachers and school heads spend teaching and working?
Who are the teachers?
How are public funds allocated to schools?
What proportion of teachers leave the teaching profession?
Annexes 5 chapters available
Characteristics of education systems
Reference statistics
Sources, methods and technical notes
Contributors to this publication
Education Indicators in Focus
Country notes 46 chapters available
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Education at a Glance 2022

Launch Date: 11:00 (Paris time) 3 October 2022

Indicators by theme

Impact of learning

Outcomes of educational institutions

This chapter looks at the outcomes of those leaving education systems and the impact of education on employment, earnings and well-being

Access to education

Participation and progress

This chapter looks at who accesses, enrolls in and completes different levels of education, as well as the various pathways followed between types of programmes and across education levels

Financial resources

Investment in education

This chapter looks at expenditure in education, the sources of funding, tuition fees and financial support to students, and what influences teachers’ salary cost per student

Learning environment

Teachers and school organisation

This chapter looks at instruction time, class size, teachers’ and school heads’ working time and salaries, the characteristics of teachers, school funding formulas and teacher attrition


The state of education 18 months into COVID

The 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 has been collecting data on how education systems are responding to the crisis, from school closures and remote learning, to teacher vaccination and returns to in-class instruction

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Equity in education

Education plays a key role in creating a more level playing field for people of all ages to acquire the skills that power better jobs and better lives.

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How does your country compare?

Access the latest data and find out how your country compares on several key Education at a Glance indicators

Compare your country

Blog: Six key takeaways on equity

Internationally comparable education statistics are as critical as ever during the COVID crisis.
蜂鸟电竞在线入口 Senior Analyst Marie-Helene Doumet looks at  six key takeaways from the 2021 data.

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Listen: Education equity and the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic


Discover the main findings from Education at a Glance 2021 in this series of infographics

Download the infographics

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