Quality infrastructure for development


In the pursuit of sustainable outcomes for citizens and firms, there is more to ‌infrastructure development than building assets: investment decisions must take into account the full externality effects of projects over the long term, including employment creation, social and environmental impacts, alignment with broader development strategies, and the mobilisation of adequate resources. That is the ambition of the quality infrastructure agenda adopted by the G20 .

Implementing that agenda requires strong institutional capabilities; a stable, transparent and effective regulatory framework; a great deal of technical and financial expertise; as well as the constant refinement of an enabling environment for investors. For many developing and emerging countries, whose sustainable development crucially depends on such quality infrastructure, the challenges can be daunting.

In order to better understand their difficulties, and promote adequate policy responses by developing countries and their partners, the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 Development Centre has launched a series of analytical studies and dialogues.


Regional studies

Innovation for Water Infrastructure Development in the Mekong Region   Road and Rail Infrastructure
in Asia

Towards Smart Urban Transportation in Southeast Asia, China and India Quality Infrastructure in 21st Century Africa


Related work

The 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 Implementation Handbook for Quality Infrastructure Investment

See more from the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 on Strategic Policies for Sustainable Infrastructure


Launch of the  蜂鸟电竞在线入口 Compendium of Policy Good Practices for Quality Investment  , a reference for policymakers and practitioners in both developed and developing economies, during the  Symposium on Quality Infrastructure Investmen t in November 2020. Event organised by the 蜂鸟电竞在线入口 and sponsored by the Government of Japan. Read the summary report of the event .

DEVtalk  online discussion -  Quality for equality: Making quality infrastructures work for gender equality   

Blog posts

A tale of two female citizens ,
 by Mary Waithiegeni Chege, Founder and Principal, EMSI & Associates

“Ambidexterous” development: changing the paradigm , by Nuno Gil ,  Professor of New Infrastructure Development, Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester

Quality Infrastructure: putting principles into practice – the viewpoint of a development agency , by Takenori Nasu, Senior Deputy Director, Operations Management Division, Operations Strategy Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)



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