Youth Inclusion Project - Charity Kamwana


“I would like to do something very important that can bring change in my life and change to the country I live in”


Charity Kamwana, Chinsapo, Malawi


My name is Charity Kamwana, I am 23 years old and I am from Lilongwe, in the area of Chinsapo. I have three siblings and both of my parents run a business. I have a diploma in Management studies that I completed last year. My ambition is to study until I get a degree in Human Resource Management. I stopped school due to financial difficulties, but if someday I have the chance to work or to do something that brings money, I hope to continue my studies to get my degree.

I am not employed but I work as a volunteer at Our World International, an organization whose primary focus field is the management of waste. I am the volunteers’ coordinator. As a volunteer I don’t get paid and it is very difficult because I have to support myself for transport, food, and other basic necessities, which really cost me a lot. Moreover, it makes it difficult to support my family and to save money for the years to come. Despite not making money with my volunteer job, I have the chance to gain some professional experience. I learn a lot about teamwork, how to handle a group of people in a busy place, etc.

I wish I could find a job soon, work for a while and then use the money to start a small business. In the future I see myself having my own employees, paying decent salaries and having a good life. I look for a job every day. I apply for different organisations and to as many vacancies I can. Most of the times I use tools such as the internet, emails and letters, and I consult my parents and other people to help me make the good decisions to achieve my goals.

The education that I received has provided me with many good skills that can used to work in many different places and occupations. I would like to do something very important that can bring change in my life and to the country I live in.

The biggest obstacle I am facing now is the lack of finance. I don’t know where I can get funds that can help me start my own business. I would be very happy to receive assistance and guidance on how to get finance and run a business.


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